How to Replace a Sink Soap Dispenser

What You'll Need
A soap dispenser unit
Soap pump
Plumber's putty

When you’re looking to install a sink soap dispenser, either to replace a sprayer on your sink or to add some convenience and extra functionality to your kitchen sink, you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional.  Installing a soap or lotion dispenser is one of those do-it-yourself projects that, with the right tools, and a little handiness, can be completed easily and in a pretty short amount of time. From start to finish, you can probably finish the job in 30 minutes or less. Plus, as an added bonus, this is a very inexpensive project as well, and the items that you need for the job are most likely found in your local hardware store, home improvement chain or even in your neighborhood supermarket. This article will briefly review the steps necessary to install your new soap dispenser with as little fuss as possible.

Step 1:  Remove the Existing Soap Dispenser

If you sink already has a soap dispenser, you’ll need to remove it by going under the sink and removing the bottom part.  You’ll then want to scrape the ring that was resting on the hole that held the soap dispenser in position. Make sure to get rid of all the sticky adhesive by cleaning the underside area well using a lightly abrasive household cleaner. 

On the other hand, if you sink doesn’t have a soap dispenser, there may be a flat cap covering an empty hole next to the spigot.  You can simply use a butter knife or screwdriver to pop this cap out of the hole. 

Step 2:  Install the New Pump

The new pump should have a ring or flange that acts to hold it in place. Again, going under the sink, attach the new pump to the area where the now empty hole is and use the plumber’s putty to secure the ring mold to the pump.  Be sure to wipe away any of the excess putty from the surrounding area once you have the ring in place.

Step 3:  Install the Soap Dispenser Unit

Fill the container up with your choice of soap to about three-quarters of the way.  Then thread the soap dispenser to the pump hose that should now be hanging under the sink.  You should simply be able to screw the dispenser bottle and pump together.  Once this is done, you should have a working soap dispenser attached to your sink!


There are many kinds of soap dispenser bottles and they can sometimes be difficult to find, so be sure to bring your pump and sink fittings, if possible, when you’re shopping for the dispenser. It may be beneficial to speak with a clerk at your local home improvement store to get help and ensure that you purchase the correct equipment with the proper measurements.