How to Replace a Slide on Kids Climbing Frame

What You'll Need
Measuring Tape
Construction Grade Bolts, Nuts, Washers
Concrete or Wood Anchors
Metal Clamps
Quick Set Concrete
Wood Blocks

If you are replacing the slide on a climbing frame, there are a few considerations to make. You need to be able to accurately measure the opening as well as the area you have to put the slide. If you don’t take your time with this, you can risk your children injuring themselves, as a climbing frame slide can be dangerous. With patience and the right materials, you can install a new slide in a safe manner.

Step 1- Measure the Area

Measure the opening for the slide first. For this, you want the measurement for the opening, as well as the height from the ground. This way, you can determine the appropriate length for the new slide. You can purchase slides in varying lengths, from 5 foot sections to 36 foot full slides. When you know how high the slide is off the ground at its tallest point, you can determine the slope. It’s suggested that you keep it at no more than a 30 degree slope, for safety. With this information you can purchase the slide. Be sure that you find a slide that has all the materials necessary to attach. If not, you will need to also purchase separate attachments, such as construction grade bolts, nuts and washers, as well as anchors.

Step 2- Start the Attachments

Lay the slide out in the area it will eventually be installed. If you are installing a long slide, you need clamps to keep the sections of the slide steady. Start at the slide opening on the frame and bolt the top piece down. The bolts will be placed on each side of the slide, and underneath the opening. Once the first section is done, move down to the next one. The sections will attach using additional bolts and washers. Be sure each section is secured to the one before it. When you get to the area where the slide meets the ground, use the anchors to secure it. If you are securing the slide to wood or concrete, be sure you use anchors that will support this. If you need to replace the supports, follow the next step.

Step 3- Replace the Supports

If you are replacing the ground supports, you need to take this extra step. The supports should be at least partially buried in the ground. It’s best to use wood blocks with concrete poured around. You can use a quick set concrete to secure it. Once it’s set, secure the bottom portion of the slide with the proper anchors.

Step 4- Test for Safety

Once everything is set up, you will want to test the connections for security. Slide down it a few times, and shake the slide to make sure nothing comes loose. Once you know it’s secure, you can allow your child to play on it.