How to Replace a Spark Plug Terminal Crimper How to Replace a Spark Plug Terminal Crimper

What You'll Need
Spark Plug Terminal crimper
Replacement teeth

If you have been using a spark plug terminal crimper for many years, then you may find that it has started to lose its effectiveness. This is due to wear and tear on the teeth of the crimper. In order to fix this problem, you will need to remove the teeth from the jaws, and replace them with a fresh set. This is not very difficult.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Teeth

You should begin by removing the old teeth from your spark plug terminal crimper. This can be done using a pair of pliers. Slide the open mouth of the pliers over the bottom set of jaws, and pull them towards you. Sometimes teeth can be held on with a screw, so make sure these are removed before you try taking out the teeth. With a good pull, you should be able to extract the teeth.

Step 2 - Insert the New Teeth

Take a new set of spark plug terminal crimper jaws. These are available from most hardware stores. Open them to the desired width, and then use your pliers to place them on the terminal crimper. Push down firmly to secure, and then squeeze the metal bottom of the jaw tightly to fix it onto the crimper.

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