How to Replace a Stabilizer Bar

What You'll Need
Stabilizer bar
Socket and socket sets
Ball joint separator
Tie rod separator
Steering linkage installer
Protective overalls
Working gloves
Jacks and jack stands

A stabilizer bar is a spring-steel torsion rod that connects components on opposite wheels. It controls body roll when a vehicle enters a turn or takes a corner. It is also known as an anti-roll bar or sway bar. It can break or get damaged as a result of use over time and wear or tear. If the car is swaying to a greater angle than it usually does when entering a sharp corner at normal speed then it is advisable to inspect the stabilizer bar and make replace it if it is necessary.

Step 1 – Jack up the Car

Make sure that the car is parked on a flat and spacious area. It should give enough space to work around the vehicle. Use a wrench to slightly loosen the wheel lug nut, do not unfasten them. Place the jack under the suspension arm and make sure the wheel is off the ground. Remove the lug nuts and place them on a safe place and slide the wheel from the hub.

Step 2 – Inspect and Remove the Stabilizer Bar

Get under the vehicle and inspect the condition of the stabilizer bar. If it worn out or damaged them remove it and replace with a new one.

Use a wrench and socket wrench to loosen the bottom bolt and nuts, release them from position and remove the sway bar bushing.  Loosen and remove the nut on the outer tie rod to the steering knuckle.

With a tie rod separator, separate the outer tie rod from the steering knuckle. Loosen the bolts the secure the cradle to the stabilizer bar clamp. Release the clamps. Carefully remove the stabilizer bar from its mounting surface.

Step 3 – Install New Stabilizer Bar

Attach the new stabilizer bar on the mounting point and watch out not to interfere with transmission cables. Install the bar clamps and fasten them using the bolts. Attach and fasten bushings. It is advisable to torque the bolts according to the car’s service manual, do not exceed the recommended figure. Replace the link boots and stabilize it.

Step 4 – Fix Stabilizer Bar Links

Insert the lower part followed by the upper part, make sure they are positioned in the same way they had been installed before. Use a socket wrench to tighten the nuts on the bottom on the larger nut. Do not use too much force it can easily damage the nuts.  Make sure that all the components are fastened correctly and secure before replacing the wheel and lug nuts.

Lower the car and drive it for a few miles to check the condition of teh suspension system.


Sometimes the nut holding the sway bar link does not come out easily, apply penetrating oil or freezing solutions.