How to Replace a Standard Strike With an Electric Strike on a Door Lock

What You'll Need
Electric Strike
Wire pigtails
Wire cutters

If you want to add an electric strike system to your front door, then you will probably have to remove the standard strike lock currently on your door. The electric strike is a device which is designed to keep the door locked unless it is opened using a method such as a card or a push button. There are some problems with removing the standard strike panel from the front of the door, and installing an electric strike in its place. However, it can be done, and as long as you make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions, you should be able to complete this in a few hours.

 Step 1 - Remove the Old Strike

Begin by taking out the old strike. You should be able to do this by unscrewing the face plate from the door, and then removing the old standard strike. Pull this out of the door, and disconnect any accessories, such as metal bolts, electrical connections, or magnetic strips. You can then discard this strike or use it at another location.

Step 2 - Prepare the Hole

Once you have removed the old strike, you will need to examine the door, and consider whether you need to enlarge the hole in order to install the electric strike. You may not be able to fit the new strike into the same space. Enlarge the holes using a template which should be provided with the electric strike kit you have purchased.

Step 3 - Add the Wiring

You can then run the wires through the frame of the door until they can reach where the strike is located. Push the wires through the hole, and then fasten them together using a pigtail connection. You may need to use a crimper to close the pigtail around the wires. You can then insert the connector into the unit in the strike. Most types of electric strike have a single connection option, but check the user's manual for details.

Step 4 - Insert the Strike

You now need to install the failsafe device. This is a small screw which can be turned in order to select a number of configurations. The most popular is the Fail Secure, which keeps the door locked if the power supply to the strike is lost, preventing burglary. Some business owners choose to use the Fail Open, which allows the doors to be opened if there is a power loss, which can be useful in case of fire. You should then push the strike frame into the hole you have made in the door, and secure them using the screws. Push the strike box into position, and then put the face plate over the top of this. Add more screws to hold down the face plate. You should run a test with the door open to ensure that it is working properly before you allow it to close.