How to Replace a Sump Pump Float Switch

What You'll Need
Concrete sealing
Plug Switch

The sump pump float switch is a vital part of your sump pump, but due to lack of care, or unsuitable materials floating into the sump pump, this switch may be damaged. Replacing it is not easy, as if it is not done correctly, and with the right parts, you may find that the pump will not work, or is no longer sealed. Replacing the sump pump float switch can be done at home, but you can call in a professional for this difficult job.

Step 1 - Opening up the Switch

Once you have your switch out of the sump pump, unscrew the connections, and open it up. You should be able to see the small electric switch inside it. Remove the old switch, and glue in the replacement using a waterproof glue. Leave this to dry, and then replace in the sump pump and test.

Step 2 - Add a Different Switch

If you don't want to dig up the sump pump floating switch, then you should consider attaching a plug-in switch. Bypassing the circuit for the switch on the outside of the pump, seal the electrical housing thoroughly using the type of sealant suitable for concrete. Add a plug to the switch using your screwdriver, and leave it on the outside of the pump.