How to Replace a Swamp Boat Fuel Filter

What You'll Need
New fuel filter
Sponge or rag
Working gloves
Protective eyeglasses

A bad swamp boat fuel filter may cause your craft to sputter and die out in the most inconvenient places. Since swamps can be a dangerous place to be, especially during the night, you need to replace your boat fuel filter from time to time to make sure that your boat works perfectly. To replace a swamp boat fuel filter, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Release the Pressure from the Filter

Locate the fuel pump fuse, and then pull it out while the boat engine is running to burn up all the fuel in the fuel filter and lines. The boat engine will automatically shut down after all the fuel burns out.

Step 2 – Let the Engine Cool

Allow the engine to cool off completely before you change the fuel filter.

Step 3 – Remove the Old Filter

Using a wrench, loosen up the banjo fitting, and then remove the fuel line attached to the bolt. After removing the fuel line, pop the clamp on the filter using the tip of a screwdriver or putty knife, and then remove the filter completely.

Step 4 – Install the New Filter

Put the new filter in place and replace the clamp. Replace the bolt and the fuel line, and then test the boat engine by turning it on.