How to Replace a Swamp Boat Water Separator How to Replace a Swamp Boat Water Separator

What You'll Need
Replacement Fuel Separator
Bucket or Jug

If you have a swamp boat which you use regularly, then you will find that you need to replace the fuel-water separator regularly in order to keep your boat in good condition. A swamp boat comes into regular contact with the surface of the water, so a device which keeps the oil and water separate is vital. Changing the fuel-water separator is easily done.

Step 1 - Empty the Fuel Tank

Put a bucket near the fuel separator, and then drain all of the fuel in your swamp boat into the bucket. You may wish to check the oil for signs of dirt and debris, which will indicate that it is not working properly. Remove the bucket, and place it aside. You can either discard dirty fuel, or keep clean fuel to add back into the fuel tank later.

Step 2 - Replace the Fuel Separator

Remove the old fuel separator by unscrewing the bolts holding it into place. Take the fuel separator out of the tank, and discard it. Push the new fuel separator into position, and then press it down into place. You should then screw the bolts back into place, and add the fuel. Check that the filter is tight against the fuel tank.

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