How to Replace a Toilet Drain Pipe Part 3

What You'll Need
Toilet flange
Pry bar
Hammer and nails
Drill and bit
Jig saw or saws all
PVC sealant
Stud sensor
Wax ring

Something that can happen over time is that condensation can build up around the base of your toilet causing the floor around your toilet drain pipe to warp, bend or leak. The toilet will start to sit at an an angle, making it uncomfortable and over time can cause the base of the unit to leak into your floor. This can be easily fixed at very little cost, all you will need is a replacement toilet flange and some new plywood to get it back to normal. Once you have the toilet unbolted and removed from position, you would unscrew the toilet flange and remove that as well, the wax ring will be destroyed in the process and have to be replaced.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Floor Panel

Before you can replace the toilet drain pipe you will have to remove a chunk of the old floor along the stud line so it can be replaced. You can use the saws all or jigsaw to cut out the area needed and measure to fit a new piece of plywood. You will want to ensure that there is an edge of the new board resting on the ledge of the studs in the floor to prevent it from falling through.

Step 2 - Measure the Toilet Drain Pipe Distance

Look at the area where the old toilet drain pipe comes up to the floor and take a measurement from the outside edge. This is the distance in on the new panel where you will cut the hole for the pipe. Use the drill to start a pilot hole for your blade and simply cut the hole for the pipe into your replacement panel. Be sure to cut it as evenly as possible, as once it is in place, the actual toilet flange will have to screw into it on the edges, there is little room for failure here.

Step 3 - Secure the Floor Panel

Once you have the hole cut for the toilet drain pipe you can mount the new piece into place in your floor. Secure it tightly to the studs to prevent it from buckling and bending once the toilet is put into place. The panel needs to be positioned equally over the drain pipe, so that once the flange is inserted, it can be mounted evenly into place with wood screws.

Step 4 - Mount the Toilet Flange

Once you have the new floor panel in place over the toilet drain pipe, you will then use your sealant and mount the toilet flange into place. There are a number of holes around its outer ring that have to be screwed into the floor to keep it from moving. This is what your wax ring, or what plumbers call a donut will rest on, creating a seal between the drain and toilet base. Once this is in place, you will then set the wax ring on top of the flange. Make sure that it sits flush and even, and you are now ready to remount your toilet.