How to Replace a Toilet Flex Supply Line

A toilet.
What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Flexible supply line
Plumbers tape
Small bucket
Clean rag

The supply line in a toilet system is a flexible line that supplies the water to the toilet. If the supply line is rusted, pulled out, or damaged in some other manner then the toilet will not drain or refill. This can cause serious problems in the plumbing system by having clogs form or flooding to occur. Have a supply line replaced is a task that any plumber can do in their sleep and charge you a hundred dollars or more to do. You can save money by replacing the flexible supply line yourself.

Step 1 - Size the Supply Line

The flexible supply line should be as straight as possible so that the water can flow freely through it. Any type of kinks or bends can slow the water and a backup can occur. This makes sizing the supply line very important. This should be done prior to removing the current one so you can purchase the right size. Use the measuring tape to measure the supply line from end to end. If there is a small bend in the line then you may want to consider measuring from connection to connection as well. Take these measurements to the home supply store or plumbing center and purchase the correct length of supply line.

Step 2 - Cut off the Water

In order to replace the supply line, you need to stop the flow of water or else you will have a tremendous mess on your hands. Look behind the toilet for a valve. This is the shut-off valve to the water. Turn it all the way to the left to shut off the water. You can then flush the toilet. This will empty the bowl and the basin of the toilet which limits how much water you may encounter.

Step 3 - Remove the Supply Line

Place a small bucket behind the toilet where the supply line is to catch any water that may be stuck in the line. Use the adjustable wrench and unscrew the nuts on both ends of the supply line. Once they are loosened you can pull the line away from the toilet. Use the clean rag to wipe down the threads of each connector.

Step 4 - Install the Supply Line

Plumber’s tape is a silicone-based tape that acts as a seal between the threads of the supply line and the connectors. Wrap it around each connector tightly. Make sure the threads are covered from top to bottom. Cut or rip the tape. Use your fingers to press it into the threads. Attach one end of the supply line to one of the connectors and then tighten it with the wrench until it stops. Do not over-tighten or you may strip the threads. Repeat with the remaining end. You can then safely remove the bucket and turn the water back on.