How to Replace a Toilet Flush Lever

toilet flush lever
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-30
What You'll Need
Replacement toilet lever
Silicone grease
Adjustable wrench

A toilet flush lever should last a long time, but sometimes you may need to replace it. Like anything, the toilet flush lever can get damaged or you may simply want to replace it to improve the appearance of your bathroom. Replacing the flush lever is a far simpler and quicker job than you might imagine and it is well within the reach of most homeowners.

Calling out a plumber to come and do the job for you is normally going to be a completely avoidable expense. The job should only take a matter of minutes to complete, provided that you follow these instructions.

Step 1 - Preparations

Before you begin, you may want to flush the toilet first in order to empty the tank. This may not be possible if the flush lever is damaged. If you can do this, turn off the water supply to the toilet first, then flush the toilet to drain the tank. It should not refill since the water supply will have been cut.

Step 2 - Remove Toilet Flush Lever

To remove the existing toilet flush lever, you will need to be able to access the toilet tank. To do this, lift off the top cover of the toilet tank. This should fit onto the top of the tank but it will not usually be attached. This makes it easier to remove to do maintenance and repairs. Place the tank cover on a towel on the floor somewhere safely.

Detach the chain from the toilet handle and, holding the handle as you do to flush it, loosen the nut which attaches the handle in place inside the tank. A small, adjustable wrench is ideal for this. Once you remove this nut, you should be able to simply pull away the handle from the front of the toilet tank.

Step 3 - Install Toilet Flush Lever

There are many different styles and sizes of toilet flush levers available. If you are simply replacing a damaged one and want to get one that is the same, take the old one into your local DIY store to help you find the perfect replacement. If you are updating the look of your bathroom, then you will probably want to go for a lever that matches the other fittings in your bathroom.

To install the new lever, remove the bolt and washer from it and slide the rod through the front of the toilet tank where you removed the old one. Place a little silicone grease onto the washer and return the washer and bolt to the flush handle. Reattach the chain to the lever inside the tank. Carefully place the cover back onto the top of the tank and slip it in place. Be sure to turn the water back on and wait for the tank to refill. Finally, test the new handle to see if it works properly.