How to Replace a Toilet Handle How to Replace a Toilet Handle

What You'll Need
New toilet handle
Small wrench

When your toilet handle is not working properly it can be a real pain. The toilet handle is easy to replace with a inexpensive parts, and just a few minutes time. Here are the steps to changing the toilet handle.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Handle

Remove the old handle. Remove the lid to the back of the toilet. You will see a plastic bolt that is holding the handle in the toilet. Try to loosen it by hand. If you can't budge it, loosen it with a wrench to loosen it until you can unscrew it by hand. You will see a chain going to the toilet plunger which allows the water to drain into the bowl when flushed. Slip off the chain. Remove the old handle, and you are ready to install your new one.

Step 2 - Install New Handle

Slide the new handle into place by inserting the long stick in the hole. Be sure the stick is in position over where the chain will attach and in a down position. Slide the plastic bolt onto the stick and tighten it. Attach the chain to the stick, and flush.



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