How to Replace a Truck Air Filter

a truck in a field of grass
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-25
What You'll Need
Truck air filter
Phillips screwdriver
Flat head screw driver

Trucks are heavy duty vehicles that need to consume clean air for their engines to produce power and this is why it is important to have a truck air filter. If there is too much dirt and dust, which is brought in by the engine with the fresh air into the combustion cylinders, it can clog and reduce the performance of the engine. Over the period the dust and dirt settles onto the filter and clogs it, reducing the fresh air inflow. Thus, the truck air filter needs to be replaced regularly to maintain good performance.

Step 1 – Identify Cold Air Intake System

At the very beginning get the owners’ manual and read through the diagrams carefully to identify the cold air intake system of the truck’s engine. It is essential if you are a beginner or doing it first time. Identify where the air filter is installed.

Step 2 – Identify the Adjacent Parts

Yet another step before removing any part from the fresh air intake system of the truck’s engine is to read about the parts that are just adjacent to the air filter. As the process of replacing air filter will also need them to be opened up. Identify the parts using the owner’s manual.

Step 3 – Start Opening Up

Now, wear gloves and open the engine hood. Start removing the clamps, hooks, fasteners, clips, hoses and any other holding part on the engine. For keeping confusion away while again tightening up the screws, keep different screws and hooks at separate spots, at a distance from each other.

Step 4 – Remove Air Intake System

Once the parts are loosened, they can be removed. With utmost care remove the cover of the fresh air intake system and then the air filter of the truck engine.

Step 5 – Clean the Parts

Remove the cover of the air intake system then the key is to clean the dirt and dust settled on to it and in the bay; this can be done with a vacuum cleaner. Before removing the old air filter, take note of its position so that the new air filter will be installed in the same position.

Step 6 – Replace the Air Filter

Fit in the new air filter on the panel. Check it by tapping to see if it is loose. Now cover the fresh air inlet system and fasten all the hooks, screws, hoses and clips removed one by one. The key here is to fasten all the hooks and clips in the reverse order, as they were unfastened.

Step 7 – Close and Check

Final step before the engine hood is closed is to check that all the screws and hooks are fastened correctly at the right places. If in doubt, refer to the user’s manual of the truck.