How to Replace a Utility Knife Blade

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What You'll Need
An utility knife
Spare blade

Replacing the blade of a utility knife is an easy job. There are two main types of utility blades — snap off blades and simple blades. Each one usually comes with its own blade mechanism. Both are easy to replace by following a few simple steps.

Uses for a Utility Knife

The term utility knife generally refers to a small, retractable knife suitable for many types of projects. Utility knives are frequently used for opening boxes, cutting vinyl tiles, and other DIY projects.

Step 1 - Getting the Old Blade Out

A utility knife on flooring.

If you are dealing with a snap-off type of blade, then its holding mechanism is a small plastic bolt on the button that fits into a hole in the blade. Remove the bottom cover from the blade’s running track, pull out the button and the blade, and simply lift the blade of that bolt.

If it’s a regular blade, use a screwdriver to unscrew the back part of the utility knife, and you should have access to the blade. The holding mechanism is about the same, and you may also find some spare blades inside the cover.

Step 2 - Putting the New Blade In

To get the new blade into place, simply reverse the steps above. For snap-off blades, fix the blade onto the bolt of the button, than slide it in.

For simple blades, simply put the new blade in place and place the button to hold it. Push the bottom cover into place, or place the back cover and screw it, and you’re done.

With these easy steps, you can replace a utility knife's blade. Be sure to take safety precautions when using the knife.