How to Replace a Vacuum Motor

What You'll Need
New motor
Wire nuts
Wire strippers

A vacuum motor is the heart of any vacuum cleaner. Without it, you might as well kiss your vacuum cleaner goodbye! Although most vacuums have a durable and sturdy motor, it does not escape from a breakdown. Replacing the motor in a vacuum cleaner is actually quite easy.

Step 1: Removing the Motor Compartment Cover

Unplug the vacuum cleaner and make sure that it is turned off. You need to take off the motor compartment cover before you can remove the old motor. If the motor is located at the bottom of the vacuum then remove the debris bag first. You then need to turn over the vacuum cleaner and then disconnect the low voltage wires. These are the wires along the PVC pipe. Using the screwdriver, remove the screws of the motor compartment. Generally, you will find 1 screw at the bottom and at least 3 on the sides. You may not be able to remove the entire covering but remove it enough to gain access to the motor.

Step 2: Clean the Motor Compartment

As you go along removing the motor, do some cleaning as well. Remove any debris, dust, foreign objects or hair inside the motor compartment. This may be the reason why the vacuum motor failed in the first place.

Step 3: Disconnecting the Motor Wires

Once you have opened the motor compartment and have gained access to the motor, check to see where the motor wires are located. These should be located attached to the motor of the vacuum. You will find 2 or 3 of these wires. Disconnect all of the motor wires. You can also cut the wires in the middle and splice new wires on later.

Step 4: Removing the Motor

After disconnecting the motor wires, remove any bolts or screws holding the motor. You will generally find several screws and bolts that attach the motor to the vacuum unit. Carefully remove the motor. You may need to use a little force to remove the motor, particularly if there is a gasket.

Step 5: Clean the Gasket

Clean the gasket from the motor compartment. If the gasket is too damage, you can replace it with a new one.

Step 6: Checking the Fan

Before you start replacing the old motor with a new one, check to see if there is any other damage in the vacuum cleaner. Spin the fan and check if there are any sounds coming from it.

Step 7: Replacing the Old Motor

Once you have checked and cleaned the motor compartment, you can now replace the old motor with the new one. Make sure that you place the new motor exactly where the old one was placed. Put the screws and bolts back in place as well. Do not use too much force when screwing everything back for it might move the fan causing it to hit the housing when it spins.

Step 8: Connecting the Motor Wires

Re-connect the motor wires back to the new motor. You can use connectors to connect the wires back or splice new wires to the old wires with wire nuts.

Step 9: Checking the New Motor

After you have put the motor wires back, check to see if the new motor is working properly. Plug in the vacuum and Turn it on using the manual switch. If everything is running well, turn off the vacuum cleaner. Put the motor compartment cover back, making sure that you put everything back from the last screw you took out to the first one.