How to Replace a Vessel Sink Bowl Part 2

What You'll Need
New Vessel Sink

A vessel sink bowl resembles the old fashioned wash basins. They are usually made from a number of different materials such as stainless steel, lead crystal, glass, iron as well as fireclay. There are a number of things which is required to be given special consideration, whenever you are working with these different types of vessel bowls.

Step 1 - Removal of Drain

Locate the nut first which is attached to the trap. Keep a bowl underneath the trap, so that the water doesn’t fall on the floor. This trap would be right next to the faucet, you need to pull it down right after loosening the nut. Then, with the help of a screwdriver, detach all the screws which are right below the drain and do not forget to remove any remains or rubbish present there.

Step 2 - Disconnecting and Removal of Faucet

While replacing the vessel sink, the faucet needs to be removed and before that, it needs to be disconnected as well. Thus, get hold of your wrench and turn the pipes of the faucet counter clockwise, until they do not become loose. Then remove the faucet slowly.

Step 3 - Removal of Sink

If there are any seals around the sink, then just cut them with a knife. Then all you need to do is to lift the sink. The vessel bowl sink is usually not heavier than the regular sinks, but you never know, it might just end up being a bit hard to lift it alone. So be careful.

Step 4 - Attaching the New Sink

All you need to do is attach the new sink in place, attaching the faucet as well as the drain. Make sure to take some help from a professional person or a plumber, if you don’t understand anything. This is quite an easy step to perform, but can prove to be a bit confusing as well.

Step 5 - Safety Precautions

While replacing the vessel bowl sink, you need to be very careful. While removing the vessel sink, always make sure to switch off the water supply before you undertake any step. Also, keep a bucket or a bowl next to you, before you start loosening the screws, as failure to do this, could lead in flooding the bathroom and the whole house. Make sure that you keep the bowl underneath the faucet, even when the water supply is off. You never know, the pipes might still contain some water. Therefore, to be safe, make sure you keep more than one bucket next to you, as the water will come out very quickly as soon as you remove the drain, and you know never know how much water would be spilled out.

Step 6 - Finishing Up

You always need to keep a few things in mind before replacing your vessel sink bowl. Few vessel bowls require a wall mount bracket, while some of them get installed in the counter top itself. Also some of them have the drilled holes for the faucet from before itself, while some don’t. So make sure to choose the right one for your house. And last but not the least, if you have small children, then you might not want to put the vessel in the family bathroom, as they usually sit on the counter and are exposed widely. Secondly, always choose the vessel bowl made of laminated glass and not plain glass, as plain glass can shatter into pieces.