How to Replace a Washing Machine Shut-off Valve

What You'll Need
Replacement shut-off valve

Replacing an old washing machine shut-off valve can be a bit messy, but if you have the time and the patience, you can save some money on professional fees. To replace the water shut-off valve in your washing machine, here is what you need to do:

Step 1 – Unplug the Washing Machine Power Cord

Unplug your washing machine from the power source to avoid accidents.

Step 2 – Turn off the Water Supply to the Laundry Room

Unless you want to deal with a water fountain when you open the water shut off valve, shut down the water supply to the laundry room before you start tinkering with your washer.

Step 3 - Shut off the Locate the Shut-off Valve

Most washing machines have shut-off valves located at the back. To find the shut-off valve of your washer, push the washer away from the wall and look for the water spout coming from the wall. The shut off valve is located directly behind the spout.

Step 4 – Remove the Water Hoses from the Water Valve

With a pair of pliers, carefully remove the water hoses from the water valve, then place one end of the water supply hose inside the bucket. Drain the residual water out from the hose into the bucket.

Step 5 – Open the Control Panel of the Washing Machine

To gain access to the water shut off valve of your washing machine, open the front control panel of the machine and then reach into the cabinet hole. With a screwdriver, remove the screws that are holding the water shut-off valve in place. Once the valve is loose, slowly lift the valve from its place. Take care not to disturb the wiring underneath it.

Step 6 – Disconnect the Wires from the Valve

Before you attempt to remove any of the wires attached to the water shut off valve, label the wires to make it easier to reattach them to the new water shut off valve later on. After labeling the wires, use the needle nose pliers to carefully disconnect the wires attached to the water shut off valve.

Step 7 – Remove the Water Shut-off Valve

To remove the old water shut-off valve of your washing machine, rotate the valve in its place and then pull it through the rear panel of the washer.

Step 8 – Install the New Valve

Wrap plumbers' tape around the threads of the new valve to prevent water leaks, and then insert the new valve into opening located at the rear of the washing machine’s control panel. Once the valve is inside the washing machine, attach the wires into the new water shut off valve, then put the valve in its place. Use the retaining screws to secure the valve.

Step 9 – Reconnect Your Washer to the Water Supply

After replacing the shut off valve, replace the water hose at the back of your washer and then reconnect the water hose to the water supply.