How to Replace a Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve How to Replace a Washing Machine Water Inlet Valve

What You'll Need
New water inlet valve

If you notice the washing machine filling up with water or if it doesn't dry the clothes properly, it is an indication that you need to replace the water inlet valve. With the right tools and this guide you will be able to replace the inlet valve yourself. Here's how you do it.

Step 1 – Buying the Water Inlet Valve

Go through the owner's manual and find out the specification of the water inlet valve. Make a note of the serial number of the water inlet valve and head to the hardware store to get a replacement.

Step 2 – Water Supply

Before you start with replacing the water inlet valve, cut the water supply to the washing machine. There generally is a water supply knob at the washer or stop the water supply to the entire house.

Step 3 – Supply Pipes

Locate the tubes or pipes that connect to the washing machine. Use pliers to disconnect the hot and the cold supply hoses.

Step 4 – Bucket

Once the supply tubes are disconnected, the accumulated water will flow out. It would be best to place a bucket to ensure the water doesn't spill and spread on the floor.

Step 5 – Drain Hose

Removing the drain hose will provide you with better accessibility. The tube is held in place by a clamp like system. Pull the tube out of the machine.

Step 6 – Access Panel

The next step is to take the access panel off. Only then will you be able to reach the water inlet valve. The access panel is held together by screws. Use a screwdriver to free the panel.

Step 7 – Take the Access Panel Off

After taking the screws off, the panel will loosen up. All you have to do is slide it and lift it. This will take the access panel out of the washing machine.

Step 8 – Disconnecting the Wires

There will be wires that connect to the water inlet valve. These wires facilitate in the activation of the water inlet valve. There will be two connectors each on the hot as well as the cold valve. Take a note of the placement before you disconnect the wires.

Step 9 – Remove the Water Inlet Valve

With the help of a screwdriver loosen the hold of the screw on the left hand side of the water inlet valve. As soon as the screw is removed, the water inlet valve slides out of its hold.

Step 10 – Disconnecting the Water Line

Locate the water line, which looks like a hose, from the water inlet valve. Look for the clamp on the valve. The water line sits close to it.

Step 11 – Installation

Now take the new water inlet valve and connect the water line that you removed in Step 10 to the new valve. Slide the clamp back into position. You might need to use pliers.

Step 12 – Finally

Place the water inlet valve into its slot and screw it on. Reconnect all the wires and place the access panel back in position. Reconnect the supply and drain tubes.





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