How to Replace a Wheelbarrow Tire

Knowing how to replace a wheelbarrow tire can be a bit baffling. Wheelbarrows generally have one tire and that tire is mounted differently from most tire mounts you will see. However, replacing the wheelbarrow tire isn't as difficult as it may first appear. With the right tools and a few minutes of time you can have your new wheelbarrow tire replaced and ready for work.

To replace a wheelbarrow tire you will need:

  • Universal Wheelbarrow Tire

  • Hammer

  • Screwdriver

  • Pliers


Step 1 – Remove the old wheelbarrow tire. Place your wheelbarrow on a flat surface with the tire facing up. You will notice brackets on either side of the tire. Remove one or both of these brackets using a set of pliers or a screwdriver depending on the style of bracket. Slide the axle out of the tire. Place the old wheelbarrow tire to the side for proper disposal.


Step 2 – Measure the hub. Using a measuring tape, measure from edge to edge through the axle hole. This will give you the hub length. Since you will be replacing the current wheelbarrow tire with a universal wheelbarrow tire this measurement is incredibly important. The measurement will determine if a bushing is needed for the axle to fit properly. The universal wheelbarrow tire will come with several bushings in various sizes if necessary.


Step 3 – Attach the axle. Replace the axle by sliding it into the hole on the new wheelbarrow tire. If the axle fits then move on to step five. If the axle does not fit you will need to check your measurement from the hub and match it accordingly to the bushings that came with your new tire. There should be a chart that came with the bushings and universal replacement tire.


Step 4 – Place the tire bushings. Remove any existing bushings from the tire with a screwdriver and hammer. You will need to insert the screwdriver under the bushing and apply pressure using the hammer in order to remove the bushing. Repeat this for the other side of the tire. Choose the new bushing according to the hub measurement you took earlier. Using your hammer, place the new bushing on the replacement universal wheelbarrow tire. 


Step 5  - Replace the wheelbarrow tire. After you have attached the axle and any necessary bushings you can move on to replacing the wheelbarrow tire. Attach the sides of the axle to the brackets. Close the brackets with either a screwdriver or hammer depending on the bracket style. Move the replaced tire on the axle to make sure it is moving properly and is not loose. Make any adjustments that are necessary.


By replacing your wheelbarrow tire with a universal tire you are ensuring that you will not need to make this replacement again. Universal tires do not need refilling and the majority of them are puncture proof. Should you need to replace your wheelbarrow tire again simply follow the same instructions given in this guide.