How to Replace a Whole House Fan Motor

What You'll Need
New fan motor

Whole house fans are a popular way of keeping an entire house cool, and they also can clear air and odors out of the house quickly, removing pollutants and allergens along with them. If your whole house fan malfunctions, though, you may need to remove the motor inside. By following a few simple steps, you should be able to do so quickly and easily and get back to relaxing in the cooling breeze of your fan.

Step 1—Remove the Cover

If you have any problems reaching the fan from a standing position, try using a step ladder, but don't go too high. If you cannot even reach the fan using a step ladder, consider calling in a professional and letting them take the risk.

Once you have reached the whole house fan, locate the screws that hold the cover onto the main body. There should be screws along each edge, so make sure that you find and unscrew each nut before you proceed. Once all of the screws are loose, take down the cover and either place it on the floor or hand it to a nearby assistant.

Step 2—Remove the Old Motor

Locate the motor. Remove the wires and connections that hold it in place, while supporting it with your hand. Unlike a smaller fan, there are no belts to remove, so just locate the connections and take these away (you may need to unscrew the wires in order to remove them). Unscrew the motor from its frame, take the motor off of the fan, and then throw it away.

Step 3—Install the New Motor

The new motor can now be put in the old motors' place. Carefully insert the motor into the frame, positioning it so that the power wires can be attached easily. Fit the positive wire first, taking care that the fan is off the whole time. Make sure that the motor is fully connected.

Step 4—Replace the Cover and Test

Take the cover from your assistant and place it back over the outside of the fan. If you are having trouble sliding the cover back on, rotate it and try again.

Once the cover is back on the fan, replace the screws, making sure that they are all accounted for, and then descend from the ladder. Only when you are clear of the fan should you try using it again. If the fan does not work, make sure that it is off before you remove the cover again.