How to Replace a Wooden Shutter Louver

What You'll Need
Slat replacement kit
Shutter staples
Repair pins
Nylon pins
Super glue gel
Needle nose pliers
Protective overalls
Working gloves

A common problem associated with wooden shutter louvers is loose or missing staple connectors. High pressure impact on them can easily break a louver or a few more. It is advisable to replace broken or loose louvers immediately, such simple practices keeps the wooden shutter looking attractive and also maintains the overall neatness of the home. Replacing a louver takes a few hours and it can easily be done at home.

Step 1 – Inspect Extent of Damage

Loose or damaged louvers can be as a result of environmental elements or human cause. Therefore inspect the entire wooden louver and determine the extent of damage. Buy necessary materials and make sure to buy the correct size and amount of repair pins, shutter staples and nylon pins.

Order a slat replacement kit; it will contain one louver with holes at the ends of slat to install slat pills, holes to install staples, repair and nylon pins, and slat staples.

Step 2 – Remove Staple

Once the damaged or broken louver has been identified, carefully remove it from the panel. Use wire-snips to cut the staple holding the louver in place. Make a cut at the center of the crown and gently push it to the sides using the tip of the wire-snips. This disconnects the staple from the tilt rod.

Step 3 – Remove Window Blind Panel

Release the window blind panel from the wooden shutter and position it on a clean and safe place. Use a vice grip to remove the remaining portions of the staple. Gently pull them out from the tips, using too much force can easily break or cut them.

Step 4 – Clean the Wooden Shutter

Use soapy water and a rag to clean the panel. Wipe the wooden shutter to remove dirt, dust and debris. Rinse it using clean water and give it time to dry. The same can be done on other shutters and the area around the window.

Step 5 – Replace Louver

Place the tilt rod to open all louvers in full open position. This creates enough space to make to install the new louver. Get the nylon shutter pin and insert in one of the holes located at the side of the louver. Start with any of the sides and find the pinhole in the stile.

Get the spring loaded replacement pin and place the wider end into one of the holes in the stile. Attach the other end of the spring loaded replacement pin to the nylon shutter pin in the louver. If the hole on the stile is too small use a ¼ inch drill bit to increase its depth, this should accommodate it fully.

Hold down the spring loaded lover pin in the louver and move the lover until it the nylon pin in the stile pops in to the louver.