How to Replace a Wooden Shutter Tilt Rod

What You'll Need
Needle-nose pliers
Staple gun
1/2 inch dowling
Wire snips

Opening and closing your shutters regularly may eventually result in damage and you may need to replace your wood shutter tilt rod. It may seem like an easy enough repair but attaching the tilt rod to louvers can get tricky. Remember to keep patient as you do this finicky job.

Step 1 – Remove Shutter

It will be easier to work on the shutter if you remove it from the window and lay it flat on the floor. Use a screwdriver to remove the hinge where it attaches to the window frame. Remember to start with the bottom hinge first.

Step 2 – Remove Old Tilt Rod

Before removing the old tilt rod, lay the new tilt rod beside it and mark the louver positions on the new tilt rod. Holding the louvers open, use wire snips to cut the eyes on the old tilt rod. Start at one end and work your way to the other. Be careful not to cut the eyes on the louvers.

Step 3 – Eyes on New Tilt Rod

Use the staple gun to put staples in the new staple rod to act as eyes. Make sure the staples are centered over your louver marks. Use the needle nose pliers to gently pull the staples up to create small loops.

Step 4 – Prep Louver Hooks

Pull one side of the loops out of the louvers using the needle nose pliers. Be careful not to break the louver hooks as you will need them to attach the new tilt rod. If a louver hook is broken you can use a staple to replace it the same way you made eyes on the tilt rod.

Step 5 – Attach New Tilt Rod

Loop the tilt rod eyes onto the louver hooks. Push the open end of the hook back into place using your fingers or the needle nose pliers. Move the louvers a few times to make sure they swing properly. Remount the shutter on the window frame, ensuring the hinges return to their original place.