How to Replace a Wooden Staircase Balustrade Part 2 How to Replace a Wooden Staircase Balustrade Part 2

What You'll Need
Power drill with hole saw attachment
Assorted drill bits
Claw hammer
Wood chisel
Tape measure
Spirit level
Try square
Adjustable bevel
Tenon saw
Socket spanner (may come with kit)

Before starting to replace a wooden staircase balustrade, make sure that you have purchased the correct kit and that all of the parts needed are in the kit. (This is Part 2 of a 3 part series. Click to view Part 1 or Part 3.)

Step1 – Fit the Newel Post

Before the new newel post is fitted, a hole must be made in the stump of the old one. This is to accept the new posts spigot. To determine how deep to drill the hole, measure the length of the spigot. Using a hole saw attached to a power drill, drill a hole in the stump to the depth required. Remove the waste with a chisel. The turning post may now be pushed into the hole. Apply pressure to the turning post while turning it until the correct depth has been reached. If the spigot is loose, knock a dowel into a hole drilled into the base to expand it. The newel post may be knocked into the hole with a mallet. It should not be glued at this stage since it will have to be removed later.

Step 2 – Fitting the Rails


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