How to Replace Air Vent Covers

What You'll Need
New air vent covers

Air vents are an important part of your air conditioning unit, so if you are concerned that your air vent covers are becoming old, or looking worn, then you might consider replacing them with a new cover. This can be done very simply, and will usually take even the beginner in home improvement a few minutes. Follow a couple of simple rules to get the job done quickly.

Step 1 - Out with the Old

The first thing you need to do is remove the old vent covers. Take these off using a screwdriver on the screws at either side of the panel. You can hold the cover on with one hand while unscrewing with the other. Place the screws carefully to one side. While you have the air vent cover off, take the opportunity to dust the space around the vent.

Step 2 - On with the New

Take your new air vent cover in one hand, and place it over the gap where the old cover was. Make sure that the screws line up. If the new cover has holes in a different position, you will need to use a drill to make fresh space for your screws to fit into. Holding the vent up with one hand, screw first one side, and then the other firmly to the wall or ceiling.