How to Replace Aluminum Storm Window Weathering Strips

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Aluminum felt weather stripping
Utility knife

Air can come through the cracks around the edges of your aluminum storm window, costing you money in lost air and frustration with trying to seal it tight. It is likely that the problem is not coming from the window jam itself, but rather through cracks around the edges of the window itself. To amend this problem, follow the easy steps below to successfully replace with weathering strips on your storm windows.

Step 1 - Remove your Window Panels

Locate the 2 latches at the bottom of your aluminum storm window. Pull them inward, and unlatch the pane from the window jam. You can then move the window up or down to free it from the jam entirely. You will see the felt stripping running up and down the length of the window on both sides in a vertical direction.

Step 2 - Remove the Worn Weather Stripping

Use a putty knife to remove the old strips from all sides of the aluminum storm window, and discard the waste. Try and get the surface as clean and smooth as possible, so the new stripping lays on flush and even.

Step 3 - Reinstall the Windows

Once the old stripping is removed, you can now put your new material on the aluminum storm window and cut it to size with your utility knife, then simply secure the window back into place.