How to Replace an Air Filter Box

In many motor cycles the air filter box is fitted under the seat. The air cleaner box protects the filter from any damages, dust and dirt in the atmosphere. The box with its air filter helps to protect the engine. Some latest designs of air cleaners work without using a box. It is necessary to use a box for the air filter in old designs.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Air cleaner box
  • Owner’s manual for motorcycle
  • Socket wrench
  • Screw drivers
  • Screws

Step 1 – Locate the Box for Air Filter

Refer to the maker’s manual of your motorbike to locate the filter box. Bikes are designed and manufactured in different ways. Air cleaner boxes are fixed  in different positions according to the design of the motorbike. You can also view or buy them online.

Step 2 – Select a Proper Place to Work

Select a clean place to work. Clear the space around to work comfortably. Place the motor bike safely to prevent accidental damages.

Step 3 – Remove the Seat

Loosen the screws for fixing the seat using a socket wrench. Remove the seat cautiously without causing any damage. Take away the seat of the motorcycle and keep it in a safe place.

Step 4 – Remove Side Covers

Locate the side covers of  air cleaner box. When the air cleaner box is positioned under the seat, it is designed is such a way that you can remove its side covers. Loosen the screws of side covers with a socket wrench. Remove these covers. Be careful and work gently to avoid any damage to the parts. Keep these side covers safely in a clean place.

Step 5 – Remove the Top Cover

Loosen the screws on the cover of air box. You may need to apply some pressure as the screws might be tightly fixed. Unscrew the cover and take away the screws. Put them in a proper place on a clean surface. You will need them for later use.

Step 6 – Checking the Box Covers

Check the condition of the box covers. If these are not in good condition, they should be changed. If the covers are old, corroded, rusted or damaged, these should be replaced. Changing the rusted and clogged filter box also prevents noise from the engine. Examine the condition of  air filter as well. The air filter also should be replaced, if it is damaged, rusted, clogged or choked and not clean. Ensure that the filter is clean. Fasten it properly in its place.

In case the air cleaner is loose, it will not function efficiently. It may vibrate and rub against the box. This should be avoided by correctly fixing it in position.

Step 7 - Replace Air Cleaner Box

If the box is not in good condition it should be replaced. Also, check the condition of the screws. Replace the old or rusted screws. Fit the new box covers and secure them with screws. Ensure that the screws are fixed tightly to prevent the box covers from vibrating while the motor bike is running.

Step 8 - Fixing Back the Seat

Fix the seat. Check that it is correctly placed and fixed in position.