How to Replace an Electric Furnace Filter

What You'll Need
New filter

Like all home appliances an electric furnace filter requires maintenance, cleaning, and sometimes replacement from time to time. This can help it to function well and provide the best service in terms of air cleanliness and regulation, in this case, mainly heating. These are the steps involved in undergoing a replacement of a furnace filter.

Step 1 - Turn Off the Furnace

For obvious safety reasons, prior to starting any maintenance or checking of the furnace, make sure all electrical power entering the furnace is turned off.

Step 2 - Locate and Remove the Filter

Open the panel of the furnace, and find the area where the filter is located. This is usually marked, or else simply look for the area in between the air duct and the blower. Disengage the filter from its position inside the unit so that you can inspect it. Removing it should not prove to be a hard task. You may just need to slip it and slide it out or else at most use a screwdriver to unscrew it.

Step 3 - Check the Filter

Carefully inspect the filter’s condition by trying to see through it. If light can pass well through it, then it is quite clean and does not need to be replaced. If the contrary applies then you can see that it needs cleaning or replacing. Some filters are made up of materials that cannot be cleaned, so in such a case if it is dirty you have no option but just to replace it. Therefore make sure that you are aware of the type of material your filter is made up of, and any cleaning requirements and directions that the manufacturer may have given you at the time of purchasing the furnace.

Step 4 - Buy a New Filter

Take the old filter with you to the hardware store, so as to make sure that you will buy a new one which is identical to it, especially with regards to its dimensions.

Step 5 - Clean the Furnace Blower

The filter is right next to the blower, since it serves the function of regulating the air as it goes out of the furnace blower. Prior to installing the new filter it is suggested that you clean the filter area as well as around the blower area.

Step 6 - Install The New Filter

Follow the instructions to insert the new filter into the furnace. This should be an easy task because this is a job that should be done on a routine basis and the design of most furnaces enables easy removal and insertion of filters. Usually you will just have to slide it in the right gap provided and it will click in place and keep its position. The filter usually has arrows which show the correct positioning and direction it should be placed in. Naturally for a good airflow the filter has to be facing the blower. Close the panel and check that everything works normally.

Sometimes it pays to know how to carry out such a simple maintenance task ourselves instead of having to call for expert assistance for such a small, effortless task.