How to Replace an Engine Cradle

  • 6-10 hours
  • Advanced
  • 225-375
What You'll Need
Jack stands
New engine cradle
Tool kit

An engine cradle supports the engine in a vehicle. There are different types of engine cradles. Some are made of heavy-duty steel, while others are coated with special coating that prevents rust and corrosion.

Step 1 – Place Car on Jackstands

Place the car on jackstands in a way that the 2 front stands are close to the engine cradle. Make sure to position them properly and not get them in the way.

Step 2 – Unbolt

Unbolt the steering sway bar brackets, rack suspension (leave them hanging from the struts), the motor mounts and everything else bolted to the cradle that stays suspended. Make sure to use a hoist to support the engine.

Step 3 – Swap Engine Cradles

Replace the old engine cradle with the new one and reassemble the parts again. Loosely bolt the control arms then place the jackstands as close to the ball joints as possible. Before tightening them up, let the car’s weight rest on them to ensure the bushings don’t get bound up.