How to Replace an Entry Door

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What You'll Need
Tape measure
New door and accessories
Fine-toothed saw or jackplane

It may seem daunting to replace an entry door by yourself. However, this can be a simple project, even if you have a double door or a door with panels on each of the sides. Follow the steps and techniques below to remove any existing door and successfully replace it.

Step 1: Measurements

The first step is to measure your old door. Measure the width and the height of the old door, and round these measurements to derive the size of the door that needs to be replaced with the old one.

Step 2: Selecting the Door

Next, visit a hardware store and get the door of your choice with the different tools that are required to complete this process. The most important thing that is required is the door with a frame, which may also be the most expensive style. You will also need a doorknob and a bolt. Consider purchasing the pre-hung doors that are already hung with hinges on the doorframe. All you will need to do it just adjust the door and the frame in the position of the old one.

Step 3: Removing the Old Door

Remove the old door from the frame. Open it and fix it in place under the outer corner, which will take the weight off the hinges. Next, remove the hinge leaves from the door and the frame. Alternatively, you could also use new hinges of the same size, rather than removing it from the old ones. However, make sure to give the old hinges a protective coating before reusing them. Once this is sorted out, place them on the doorframe.

While installing these hinge leaves, make sure the screws are long enough to reach both the frame and the wall framing of the door. Try dismounting the top and the side edges of the new door, and see whether it needs to be cut down along the bottom or no. If the bottom needs to be trimmed down, use a fine-toothed saw or a jackplane to make the trimming necessary.

Step 4: Placing the New Door in Place

Lastly, place the new door after it is ready, and insert the bottom and top pins as well. If the door is set properly, then close the door and mark the hinge leaves in the middle on the frame. If the old door had a middle hinge, then the new one should have it in the exact place. If so, then set the door in place and insert the pins from top to bottom to make it fit.