How to Replace an Ice Maker

What You'll Need
Mounting screws
L bracket

The ice maker, regardless of its type, has an average operational life of 6 to 10 years. So, sooner or later, the time will come when your ice maker will begin to malfunction (producing clumps instead of cubes, springing leaks, etc.), and you will be left with no other option but to replace it. Ice maker replacement is a relatively straightforward procedure, but there are a few subtleties you need to be aware of before you set yourself to the task. This guide will introduce these finer but very important points.

Step 1 - Buy the Right Ice Maker Replacement

Ice makers fall into two general types depending on where the ice cubes are distributed: ice makers with fridge door dispensers and ice makers with internal storage bins, which are accessed only by opening the fridge door. When you are shopping for a replacement, you have to choose a model (preferably from your fridge manufacturer) that is similar to your old ice maker. Otherwise, it will simply not work.

Consumers with door dispenser ice makers should also consider the shape and size of the ice cubes made by the old machine and select a replacement accordingly. Consumers with internal ice dispensers don’t have to worry about matching the ice cube dimensions of the old ice maker and its replacement. In fact, for a change, they can choose an ice maker that produces a different cube shape (crescent, spherical, cubic, etc.)

Although ice maker prices may be subject to slight regional variations, the device should not cost you more than $50.

Step 2 - Get in Touch with Your Fridge Manufacturer

Before you begin to install the new ice maker, call your fridge manufacturer and make sure that the installation will not void the fridge warranty. If it does, it will be better to discontinue the replacement process and send the machine to the manufacturer's factory (it is not worth losing the coverage of possible future damages of much bigger proportions and with much more expensive consequences).

If replacing your ice maker will not annul the fridge warranty, then you can proceed with the installation. As a safety measure, before you begin, you may want to shut off the electricity and water supply to the fridge.

Step 3 - Install the Ice Maker

For an ice maker with an internal storage bin, start by removing the old ice maker (carefully unplugging and unscrewing where necessary). Connect the wiring harness of the new ice maker to the wiring connection point, which is positioned behind the electrical access panel. Fix the ice maker in place with two mounting screws and an L bracket. Position the water tube into the water inlet hole and fasten it tight and put the Styrofoam insulation over the fill tube.

Ice maker models with dispensers on the fridge door tend to vary so much that there is no single way to connect them. You should observe the instructions for the particular model you are about to install.