How to Replace an Oil Furnace Burner

Following furnace maintenance recommendations, you will need to replace your oil furnace burner. This should be done at least every two years.

Without regular maintenance of your furnace, it is possible that critical systems within the furnace could fail in addition to the burner. Keeping the furnace as clean as possible is recommended as this can enable the furnace to run well and extend the life of your furnace.

Burner Replacement Kit

Most oil furnace burners can be replaced by purchasing a kit that includes the necessary components. This is dependent upon the make and model of your furnace.

Below are the steps to replace an oil furnace burner using a replacement kit. The tools and materials required include a burner mounting gasket, screwdriver, a pipe wrench, old rags or paper towel and oil dry, in case there is some oil leakage. If you do not have oil dry, you can also use kitty litter. A pair of pliers can also come in handy should you need a gripping tool.

Step 1 – Turn Off the Fuel Supply

It is important to make sure that the fuel supply and electrical power to the furnace is shut off for safety purposes. Set the thermostat on the furnace to its lowest setting or to “Off” and turn off all electrical power by shutting off the circuit breaker to the unit. Remove the furnace door to shut off the oil supply to the furnace.

Step 2 – Disconnect Fuel Piping and Oil Line

Using a pipe wrench, disconnect the fuel piping to the oil furnace burner. Then disconnect the oil line from the oil pump. Once all of the piping has been disconnected, unplug the burner from the furnace housing.

Step 3 – Remove Wires

Remove the wires from the burner terminals. Typically, the wire colors will be red and blue. Make note of how they were originally connected so that you will connect the new assembly correctly.

Step 4 – Remove the Burner

Using a screwdriver, remove the fasteners holding the burner to the heat exchange panel. Set the fasteners aside for reassembly. Carefully remove the burner from the unit.

Step 5 – Remove and Replace Mounting Gasket

Before you replace the burner, you must remove the old burner mounting gasket from the heat exchange panel. Install the new mounting gasket.

Step 6 – Replace the Burner

Using the fasteners that you set aside, reattach the burner to the heat exchange panel. Reconnect the red and blue wires to the appropriate terminals.

Step 7 – Cleaning

Use rags or paper towels, wipe down the air passages within the furnace and clean the assembly that houses the blower. Also clean off the transformer and its electrodes and the oil pump. If you have an optical flame sensor on your furnace, clean that as well.

Step 8 – Reconnect Fuel Piping and Oil Line

Using a pipe wrench, reconnect the oil line to the oil pump. Then reconnect the fuel piping to the oil furnace burner. Plug the burner back into the furnace housing.

Step 9 – Reconnect Fuel Supply

Reattach the furnace door. Reset the thermostat and reconnect the electrical power to the unit.

Step 10 – Test the Furnace

After setting the thermostat on the furnace, switch the heat on to see if the unit is working.