How to Replace an Outdated Pendant Light

A pendant light in a ceiling.
What You'll Need
Screw driver
New light kit
Cardboard box for old light kit

Pendant lights are a beautiful decorator's touch that can give a room a true finished look. They have been around for decades, but with new technology have experienced a resurgence in popularity. If the current one needs to be replaced because it is no longer working or just does not match the new look, swapping it out is easier than it sounds.

Step 1 - Shut off power to the fixture at the breaker box. Wiring will need to be disconnected and this is a huge safety concern. A circuit tester can be used to guarantee there is no electricity flowing into the fixture.

Step 2 - Remove the old fixture first by climbing up and unscrewing all the screws attaching it to the mounting bracket. Generally these are a Philips head screw and can easily be removed with a screwdriver. Have someone hold the fixture steady while the remaining screws are removed to prevent the fixture falling to the floor causing damage to the junction box or house wiring.

Step 3 - Once the screws are removed, gently pull the old fixture away from the bracket without pulling it completely apart.

Step 4 - Remove all the wire nuts from the wires and disconnect the fixture. It can be set aside in the cardboard box for later disposal. Packing it in cardboard will ensure the glass will not break unexpectedly.

Step 5 - Remove the mounting bracket from the ceiling. This is usually only four to six screws that, when removed, will release the bracket from the junction box.

Step 6 - The new lighting fixture may use a bolting system for the mounting bracket. Be sure to examine the directions before attempting to attach it to the ceiling.

Step 7 - Pull the wires through the mounting bracket and attach the wires for the new fixture to the existing wiring. Check the manufacturer's instructions for the wiring color coding key. If unsure of the wiring, do not try to wire. This can cause injuries, a fire, and/or damage to the electrical system and fixture.