How to Replace an Oven Door Gasket

What You'll Need
Cleaning cloth
Household detergent
New gasket (same brand and range)

Before you decide to replace your oven door gasket, check first if it really needs replacement or if it’s the correct oven component that’s broken. Broken oven door gaskets unevenly heat the food being cooked or baked. Turn on the oven and navigate your hand around the doorway of the oven without touching the walls of the oven. An inch distance from the walls of the oven to your fingertips is a good distance to check for any unexpected release of heat. The gasket needs replacement if you perceive that the heat is escaping from inside. Be careful not to touch the oven door when you test your oven. The gasket is where the door normally closes on to and is normally found at the frame of the oven. In this kind of oven, where the gasket is mounted on the frame, the gasket is friction-fit and can easily be replaced. Some ovens have a door that is divided in to 2 sections and the gasket is not found on the door frame. In this type of oven, the gasket is installed in between the back and front panels of the oven door. If the gasket is installed in between the front and back sections of the door, it is advisable to have a professional fix or replace it. For frame-mounted gaskets, below is a step by step process on replacing the oven door gasket:

Step 1 – Get the Range and Brand

Take note of the range and brand of oven that needs gasket replacement. Purchase the correct type of gasket.

Step 2 – Turn Off the Valve

Turn off the valve of the gas source. Take the old gasket out of the channel by removing the screws that is holding it in place. Some gaskets are not attached to the oven via screws but are just friction-fitted in place.

Step 3 – Clean the Channel

Take a cleaning cloth moistened with household cleaning detergent and water solution and clean the channel and the oven door frame. Clean it well so you don’t leave any cleaning detergent residue.

Step 4 – Install the New Gasket

Start installing the new gasket starting from the top of the door frame going down unto the sides of the oven frame. Ease the new gasket around the corners. End the installation along the bottom by pushing the gasket ends together.

When replacing the gasket, be aware of the scents perceived in the vicinity of the oven. Leave the house when you smell gas and call the fire department. Don’t turn on or off any lighting materials such as lamps, ceiling lights or flashlights. If it’s found outside the house, turn off the valve of the gas master source. Do not, in any case, enter your home, until the firemen get to your house and confirm that it’s safe to go in.