How to Replace an Oven Selector Switch

What You'll Need
Oven instruction manual

An oven selector switch is used to control the temperature of the oven and as this is part of the thermostat assembly. If the oven selector switch is damaged then this can make setting the right temperature impossible, this can also make it very difficult to cook anything properly. You will need to replace the entire thermostat assembly so that you can remove and replace the selector switch itself.

Step 1 - Opening the Panel

Read the instruction manual which came with your oven so that you can find out which panel to open to access the thermostat. The location of the panel will vary depending on the cooker make and model. Most cookers will need to be opened from the back but others you might need to unscrew doors to access the thermostat assembly. You should also be able to find out where the thermostat is located by reading the instructions. After opening the panel ensure that you keep the screws safe to that you don't risk losing them. They will be needed to connect the panel back on once the project is finished.

Step 2 - Removing the Selector Switch

The selector switch needs to be removed by pulling off the knob. The knob should be pulled off from the front of the oven. Some models of oven will need to have the selector knob unscrewed. Keep these screws safely so that you can use them again to fix the new thermostat in place.

Step 3 - Removing the Switch

Underneath the selector switch there should be 2 screws which hold the thermostat unit in place. Unscrew these screws by using a Phillips head screwdriver. Once these screws are removed the thermostat assembly should be able to removed by pulling it out from the inside of the cooker. Disconnect the wires by pulling them out using a pair of needle nosed pliers.

Step 4 - Purchasing a Replacement Thermostat

Take the thermostat with you to purchase a replacement. It's important that the right type is used because every cooker will require a different type of thermostat. If you're shopping online then choose the right replacement by noting down the model number of your oven. Every oven will use a different type of thermostat so you must make sure you're choosing the right one.

Step 5 - Replacing the Thermostat

The thermostat needs to be replaced by screwing it into place by replacing the 2 screws. This should hold the thermostat in place.

Step 6 - Replacing the Selector Switch

Once the oven thermostat is fixed in place you will then need to replace the selector switch. This needs to be slid over the shaft from the front of the oven. Check that the selector switch is set correctly when it is pushed on the shaft. Once the selector switch has been replaced you should then position the panel in place and then tighten the screws. Check that everything works and then push the cooker back into place.