How to Replace an RV Water Tank Grey Drain Valve

What You'll Need
Replacement Valve

The grey RV water tank contains water which comes from your shower and sink, which can then be used in your toilet and in other areas. If the grey drain valve does not work properly, then this water can become trapped in the RV water tank. Therefore, you will need to replace it.

Step 1 - Remove the Old Grey Drain Valve

Start by parking your RV in a suitable location and emptying your grey water tank. You may need to attach a hose to get this done, particularly if the valve is stuck. You should then search the bottom of the tank until you find a valve which is held in place by several bolts. Remove these using your wrench, and then pull out the old valve.

Step 2 - Replace the New Drain Valve

Push the new drain valve into position. You can then refasten the bolts using your screwdriver, pulling them tight with your wrench. When this is done, add some water to your grey tank and check that the valve is working correctly.