How to Replace Bad Garage Door Rollers

What You'll Need
Roller sleeves

When the door seems to not open or close properly or it seems to be off track, you will likely have to fix or replace your garage door rollers. These hook to the panels on the sides of your garage door, allowing it to run across the track to open and close. When these get bent, or the holding pins break loose the door will not open and close properly and may even jam up on the track during use.

Step 1 - Look for the Broken Rollers

First locate which garage door rollers are broken and preventing the door from operating properly. Once you know the source of the problem, use your screwdriver to pull the sleeve from the door panel which will free up the roller. The roller itself will have to be turned downward to 45 degrees for it to come free of the track.

Step 2 - Insert the Roller First

When replacing garage door rollers you will want to insert the new roller into the track at 45 degrees, before you mount the securing sleeve back into place. If the wood is split or cracked where your old sleeve was mounted, just move the new one slightly up or down the panel from the last location. This will ensure that the screws get a good bite, and still allow the rollers to move along freely as the door is opened or closed.

If the garage door rollers are placed to far from the original location, it will interrupt the doors functionality to follow the rail and track as it moves, causing your door to come off the rack. Once you have the roller inserted, mount your securing bracket or sleeve to the door panel. You will not be able to insert the roller after the sleeve is mounted to the door panels, as there is not room for movement between it and the runner.

Step 3 - Test the Doors Functionality

Once the garage door rollers have all been repaired or replaced, use the door several times in each direction to check for it getting stuck or snagged on the track. This can be caused by the new rollers that have been mounted being too far apart for the panels to move along fluidly. You will want to find the troubled rollers, and then remove and remount them so that they do not inhibit the doors movement.

Step 4 - If the Roller Mounts Don't Line Up

If your garage door rollers just won't line up properly in the new spots that are available to mount them to, you may have to take a secondary measure. You will want to return it to the original position, and then actually bore holes through the door panel itself to remount the securing sleeve through the panel with actual bolts. Lock the plate into place with nuts and bolts and then cut the excess amounts from the area once finished. Be sure to mount the bolts with the bolts head located on the outside of the door panel and the nut locked into place on the inside of the door.