How to Replace Bad Sliding Door Rollers

  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-70
What You'll Need
New rollers

A sliding door usually has one door that is stationary and another that slides on sliding door rollers. These are located on the bottom part of the sliding door which allows it to slide open and close with ease. Hence if this mechanism is damaged, you would not be able to operate the sliding door conveniently. Replacing the rollers is not really hard but you may have to enlist the help of another person. The task would also take up about an hour of your time. However, this is trivial to the cost of hiring a professional to do it, which could be more a hundred dollars.

Step 1 - Removing the Stationary Door

To replace the sliding door rollers, the stationary door will have to be removed first. Many of the sliding door models can only be removed from outside the doorway, which necessitates removal of the stationary door. Take out the screws that secure the stationary door and push it up from the bottom using the screwdriver. Have your helper hold it outside and pull it out. Move the roller wheels up and into the sliding door. The wheels could be pushed up easily into bottom part of the sliding door. This step is necessary in order to give you enough room to lift the door up and pull it out.

Step 2 - Removing the Bottom Frame of the Sliding Door

Take out the screws on the sliding door with the screwdriver. There are a couple of screws that are on both side of the sliding door bottom. By unscrewing them, you would also be allowed to take out the bottom part of the glass door frame.

Step 3 - Replacing the Sliding Door Rollers

Take out your new set of rollers and place them into the bottom part of the door frame. Secure both the rollers and the bottom part of the frame into place with screws.

Step 4 - Replacing the Sliding Door

Replace the sliding door back into place by lifting the rollers into the frame’s bottom. Be sure to put the bottom part of the sliding door in the track. You should also fit the top into its track. Put the stationary door back in place by installing its bottom part first and replacing the screws to stabilize it.

When installing new sliding door rollers, be sure to adjust them all the way upward before you replace the door in its track. By doing this, the new rollers will not interfere with your movements when you install the door back in place. Adjust the rollers back down until the door locks and is sliding easily. Be sure that there is an equal gap on the bottom and top parts of the sliding door when it is around 1 inch from the side jam. If the gaps are not equal, you can adjust the rollers.

It would also be safer if you will not attempt to do the project on your own, especially if your sliding door is made of glass. The material can break up easily and you will be risking injury to yourself.