How to Replace Bifold Door Hardware

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-50
What You'll Need
Sand paper
New door hardware
Wood filler (optional)

Bifold door hardware is very important, as it can completely change the look and feel of any bifold folding door. Bifold doors are fantastic for many different types of applications, they also look very stylish. When these are first fitted, they look amazing; however, over time, they can start to show the signs of wear and tear. It is easy to replace bifold door hardware if you have the right tools and materials available.

Step 1 - Choosing New Door Hardware

First you should choose door hardware which is suitable for your door. You will normally need to choose door hardware which suits your taste. Remember that these doors will slide and fold close to one another, this will make certain types of door hardware unsuitable. You will need to choose door hardware which allows you to slide the doors, but doesn't take up too much space.

Step 2 - Removing Old Hardware

Next you need to use a screwdriver to remove the old door hardware. Door hardware will normally be fixed by a screw from the other side of the door. Make sure that you remove the old hardware carefully so that you don't cause any damage to your door.

Step 3 - Sanding Doors

Now use sandpaper to sand the doors if they are looking grubby. This will help to remove any flaky paint or other problems of the door. You can also use an electric sander to speed up this process if you find this easier.

Step 4 - Filling Holes

If you want to position the door hardware in a different location from the original positions, you will need to fill the holes. Use wood filler and then sandpaper to sand it down. Once the filler has been flattened, you can then repaint the door.

Step 5 - Repainting the Doors

This step is optional, although may be necessary if your door is looking sorry for itself. Once the doors are sanded, you should use soap to wash and remove dust from the door. Then use gloss or matte paint to repaint the entire door. You might find this easier if you take the door off. Repainting the door will be essential if you have had to fill the holes in doors.

Step 5 - Fixing New Hardware

Now you need to fix new hardware onto the doors. Either use the existing hole or drill a new hole if you've already filled the holes. Then use a screw and screwdriver to fix the handle securely to the door. You will find this easier if you twist the handle and the screw at the same time. Make sure that the handle is secure so it doesn't move.

Step 6 - Finishing Touches

If the door hardware has become damaged then you should polish the handles to ensure that they are clean and look their best. Use metal polish to do this. You will also need to polish the door hardware on a regular basis to keep it looking as good as possible.