How to Replace Blades on Kitchen Blenders

Blades in the bottom of a blender
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What You'll Need
Replacement blender blades

A blade replacement needs to take place on kitchen blenders when they become worn or are no longer able to be sharpened. This should not be technically difficult for most do-it-yourselfers to accomplish.

Step 1 - Purchase Replacement Kitchen Blender Blades

Go to an appliance store or retailer, or search online in order to purchase replacement blades for your kitchen blender. The replacement blades should match the type and model of blender you own. Check the model number and write it down to ensure you purchase the proper replacement blades.

Only work with replacement blades that are designed for your kitchen blender. This will make the replacement process easier but more importantly, allow you to avoid having to go back and forth several times to obtain the correct blades.

Step 2 - Disassemble the Kitchen Blender

blender and ingredients

The blades are typically located in the bottom of the blender, where the speed controls are located. Take the blender jar off and unplug the blender from the wall outlet. Turn the blender upside down in order to locate the screws that hold the housing in place. Once you locate the housing screws, disassemble the kitchen blender in order to gain access to the blade.

The blender blade unit will be held in place by screws. Working on a flat and even surface, loosen the screw or screws holding the blade in place. You may need the pliers to help you hold the assembly in place while removing the screw. Work carefully so you do not damage the blender motor or any other part needed to make the kitchen blender work properly.

Step 3 - Replace the Old Blender Blades

After you remove the damaged or worn blender blades, attach the replacement blades to the blender assembly. The blades should spin freely once you attach it to the blender. This should indicate that it's attached correctly. Reattach the blender blade unit into the housing unit and replace all screws that were removed previously.

Step 4 - Test the Blender

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After you reassemble the kitchen blender, turn it on to ensure the blades are turning properly. Put the blender jar back in place and place an item into the bender to blend it. See how the blending process takes place, and listen to hear any strange noises or if the replacement blades freeze up. Once you complete the test of the blades, if there is any problem with it, disassemble it and check to see that all screws are tight and in their proper place.