How to Replace Boat Carpeting

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Utility knife
Marine glue

Boat carpeting is a good way to keep the boat’s floor look cosy and comfortable. However as time goes by it is bound to need replacement due to stains, fading and wear and tear. You may opt to patch up such areas but this may not look very neat in most cases, especially if the gap is large. Here we shall be discussing some aspects and guidelines to keep in mind in order to manage to replace your boat carpeting yourself rather than having to hire a professional.

Step 1: Examine the Present Boat Carpeting

First of all, make sure to take some time to properly analyze the current carpeting. You will notice whether it is glued or not, and how the edges had been affixed. Afterwards start to calculate the area as you will need to take the proper measurements so as to order the new carpeting. If the old carpeting has been glued then you might end up tearing it while trying to remove it so do take the first round of measurements before starting to remove the carpeting.

Step 2: Remove the Old Carpeting

Carefully start removing the old boat carpeting. Try not to tear it as you will need it to calculate the dimensions for ordering the new boat carpeting, and you will also use it so as to manage to cut the new carpeting more accurately and easily. You will need to use a scraper to remove it.

Step 3: Order the New Carpeting

Next visit a specialized store where you will have a variety of boat carpeting materials to choose from. Compare prices while making sure to keep quality and resistance in mind all the time. Then place your order by making sure to add up an allowance to the measurements taken.

Step 4: Clean the Boat’s Floor Thoroughly

Once the old carpeting has been removed you will need to clean the underlying floor thoroughly. First vacuum it and then wash it well using suitable cleaning products for the type of material you have. Wipe it dry before starting to fix the new carpeting.

Step 5: Cut the New Carpeting

Once you have acquired the new boat carpeting you have to cut it as accurately and as neatly as possible so as to fit the boat’s shape well. If you managed to keep the old carpeting relatively intact when you removed it, you will be able to facilitate your cutting job by using this as a template. Lay it out on a flat surface and start cutting the new carpeting with a sharp utility knife. If you do not have any template use the measurements you recorded in the first step so as to cut it. It is best to retain a small allowance and then trim it away once you install the carpeting.

Step 6: Cover the Boat’s Floor With Marine Glue and Start Sticking the New Carpeting

Cover the boat’s floor with marine glue and then start to stick the new boat carpeting little by little over the floor, pressing it firmly while moving along. Try to ensure a neat, smooth covering.

Step 7: Trim the Edges

When ready trim any edges to have a neater result.