How to Replace Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet How to Replace Boat Trailer Bunk Carpet

What You'll Need
Knife / Screwdriver
Marker Chalk
Tape Measure
Electric Stapler

Replacing your boat trailer bunk is one of those jobs that are put off as something that can be done tomorrow. It is recommended that you replace the carpeting on your boat trailer bunk every two years when the staples come loose, otherwise the boat trailer bunk carpet develops holes.

Step 1 – Remove the Old Carpet

Remove the old carpet. Take out the stapes using a knife or screwdriver. Make sure all of the staples have been removed or hammered down to avoid injury.

Step 2 – Measurement and Cut

Measure the size of the boat trailer bunk that you will be covering with carpet. Mark the carpet to size using a marker or chalk. Cut the carpet to the correct size using a knife or  scissors. Leave an extra inch or two so that you can use them in case you make an error. If you have too much material, then it can be cut shorter. Be careful because if it is cut too short, you will have to start again.

Step 3 – Staple the Carpet

Now staple the carpet in place. It is best to use an electric stapler. Staple the carpet generously so that it does not tear or come up.

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