How to Replace Canvas Carports How to Replace Canvas Carports

What You'll Need
Canvas cover
Measuring tape
Old cover for reference

Replacing canvas carports isn't a hard task to do at all. Many times you will buy a canvas carport or move into an area that provides one and see that it needs to be replaced because it wasn't taken care of properly. Typically you can maintain them by washing and keeping proper care of them, but after a few years they will need to be changed. Here are a few tools and materials that you will need if you plan on replacing the canvas carport.

Step 1 - Remove Old Cover

Using a ladder and another person, slowly remove the old carport cover. typically you will just need to go through and unsnap or untie the current cover. It is easiest to start on one end and work your way down. Depending on the carport though, you may want to check out the manual before you begin removing the old cover. Many times the manual will give instructions on how the cover should be taken off properly with pictures to illustrate. If you do not have this though, just begin on one end and then slowly work your way around. It is helpful to have a friend there with you, not only to hold the ladder, but also to catch the cover on one side while you are taking off the other. Typically it is easiest to fold it as you go and have the other person hold the ends. 

Step 2 - Buy a New Cover

Using the old cover as a reference, or a measuring tape, decide how big the new cover needs to be. You can find some on line or at local hardware or auto shops. Many times you can just reorder the old canvas cover if you have the information if it worked well for you in the first place. That way, you already have the measurements and you know that this one will work for you as well. 

Step 3 - Replace Cover

Once you have found the right cover, you can put the new one on. You will again need a ladder to do this. Start on one side and work your way to the other securing each snap or tie.

Carport covers will often come with a warranty if you choose to purchase it. This helps to cover any problems that you may have from rips and tears to covers that don't fit well. Also, be sure that if you are buying a new cover and aren't 100 percent sure about the measurements, that you ask about a return policy. Canvas carports aren't ridiculous when it comes to price, but they do cost enough that you don't want to be stuck buying 2 if one doesn't work out. Checking to make sure that they have a good return policy before buying will ensure that you do not get stuck with one that doesn't fit at all. 

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