How to Replace Carpeted Stair Treads with Wood How to Replace Carpeted Stair Treads with Wood

What You'll Need
Power Saw
Nail Set
Tack Cloth
Putty Knife
Finishing Nails
Needle Nose Pliers
Trash Can
Orbital Sander
Stain or Paint
Putty Knife
Pre Finished and Cut Stair Treads

 Over time, you will find that all carpeted stair treads will need to be replaced. It is hard to keep up with the foot traffic that they see on a daily basis. Because of the foot traffic always being in the same place, it can be very easy for the stairs to begin to look worn away and ragged. You will find that wood is a much easier way to have your stairs as far as maintenance and appearance goes. Replacement is something that is relatively easy.

Step 1 – Carpet Removal

The first thing that you are going to have to do is remove the carpet from your stairs. The best way to do this is to start at an edge, whether this is along the top or the bottom of your stairs. Look for any possible spot where you will be able to get your putty knife underneath the carpet. It will need to be between the original surface of the stairs and the carpet. From here you will need to locate the row of staples. 

Step 2 – Pull Staples

Use your needle nose pliers so that you can pull the staples out of your carpet. Make sure that you immediately throw away the staples as you pull them out. It is important that you do not leave any lying around, in order to prevent injury. Once all of the staples have been removed, you can begin to pull up your carpet. If it is glued down, then the putty knife will be needed so that you can pry your carpet loose. Make sure that you remove all carpet padding with your putty knife. 

Step 3 – Clean and Sand

Make sure that you clean as you go to ensure that you are able to get all of the unwanted pieces thrown away. Use a vacuum to get rid of all of the debris as well as the smaller pieces of the padding. You will then need to sand the surfaces of the tread and riser. You will need to sand the area until you can no longer see marks from the glue. 

Step 4 – Prepare

You will now need to cut off the front overhang that is on the tread of your steps. A miter saw will work best for removal. Once you have removed the overhang, you are now ready to get the riser and the treads wiped clean of all of the dust and sand. Once they have been cleaned, you will need to stain or paint them and give them overnight to dry. Take down measurements of the stairs’ length and width so that you will know how much wood you will need. 

Step 5 – Lay Wood

Your new hardwood treads are now ready to be attached to the original base. Finishing nails need to be driven through the tread pieces until they are flush with the surface. 

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