How to Replace Corner Showers

What You'll Need
Replacement corner shower
Hammer or pry bar
Plumbers putty
Silicone caulk

Corner showers are showers that are built into the corner of a room. They are typically single unit structures that come with a shower pan. They are installed in basements and other areas of the home with plumbing access and access to a floor drain. If you have an older corner shower unit installed in your home, you may want to replace it with a newer unit. This article will discuss the process for replacing your corner shower. This includes the tools, materials and steps needed for accomplishing this process.

Step 1: Remove the Existing Corner Shower

The first step in the process of replacing a corner shower is removing the existing corner shower unit. This will need to be done in order to make room for the new shower unit that is being put in its place. The tools that you need for this step in the process is a hammer and chisel or pry bar. Turn off the main water valve to the shower in order to prevent any water from leaking out during the removal process.

With these tools you need to carefully pull the sides of the corner shower away from the tile wall that it is attached to. Do not completely pull the shower away, as you will need to also disconnect the plumbing. Take a wrench and screwdriver and remove the hot and cold knobs and disconnect all plumbing connections that are attached to the corner shower unit. Once these pieces have been removed, you can pull the corner shower away from the wall.

Step 2: Remove the Shower Tub Basin

Use the pry bar or hammer and chisel to remove the shower tub basin from the floor. Before you begin this removal you need to remove the shower drain cover and any other connector that may be in the floor. This will give you access to the subfloor to check for any leaks and make any repairs before you install the replacement corner shower.

Clean up waste materials and debris that is left behind by the removal of the existing corner shower.

Step 3: Repair Walls and Subflooring

Make any necessary repairs to the existing walls and subflooring. Replace any loose boards and tiles that were damaged during the removal of the existing corner shower. This will make the installation of the replacement corner shower easier to accomplish.

Step 4: Install a New Corner Shower

Place the replacement corner shower in place of the existing corner shower. Line up the sides and the holes for the plumbing outlets, including the shower head, hot and cold faucets and shower drain. You will need to install a replacement shower basin tub at the bottom of the corner shower. Apply silicone caulk around the edges of the shower and basin tub to seal the shower.