How to Replace Cracked Cork Flooring Planks How to Replace Cracked Cork Flooring Planks

What You'll Need
Pallet knife
Stanley knife
Replacement planks
Dustpan and brush

Cracked cork flooring planks can not only be unsightly but, if left unchecked, can lead to more extensive damage and even tripping accidents. You'll want to know how to replace the planks in the event that damage occurs.

Step 1 – Prepare

Check the cork flooring planks surrounding that one which is visibly damaged to determine whether any others also need to be removed. Note each one that needs to be replaced. Clear the area to allow you to pry away any baseboard that may be in place. Carefully slide the tip of a pallet knife into the join, after running a Stanley knife along the edge, if necessary.  

Step 2 – Replace Planks

Firmly grip each cracked cork flooring plank to remove it, manipulating each one so that the lip withdraws from the groove in which it is fitted. Sweep up any loose particles of the cork that has come away from the damaged section. Slide the new plank into place, clicking it into the space created.

Step 3 – Reassemble

Check that the new cork flooring planks are level with the rest of the floor before returning the baseboard to its previous position.  

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