How to Replace Cracked Roof Caps

What You'll Need
Saw Horses
Straight Edge
Utility Knife
Roofing Nails

The roof caps are mainly situated on the highest point of the house which helps in covering the sides of the roof together. But at times, due to strong winds, these roof caps might just end up blowing off or cracking. If you need to replace your roof cap, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Setting Up

Set up the sawhorses and place a section of plywood diagonally to them in order to create a work surface. Also, you need to place down the shingles on the work surface, keeping the tabs in front of you with the asphalt side facing right on the top.

Step 2: Cutting Shingles

The shingle needs to be cut right till the top of it in three pieces at every slit in order to break the first tab from the other two tabs. Keep following this until you have the three tabs present and make sure that you cut then in a straight line. Keep cutting them depending on the amount of missing caps that are required to be replaced.

Step 3: Removal of Corners

The removal of the top corners from every tab needs to be done with the help of a knife. This part of the tab will help in sliding under the tab installed before this. You need to be sure that only the asphalt section should be seen on the roof cap.

 Step 4: Sliding the Cap 

In this step, all you require to do is to glide the cap shingle right beneath the asphalt end of the next cap shingle and raise the end of the shingle, so that you are able to nail on each of the sides of the replacement.

 Step 5: Nailing

Last but not the least all you need to do is to drive the nails on the outside edges with a distance of about one inch and removal of the clear tape from the tar strip needs to be done by pressing the top shingle down.