How to Replace Crawspace Windows

What You'll Need
Replacement window kit
Tape measure
Putty knife
Glazing beads

Replacing the windows in your crawlspace may seem like an impossible task, especially because the windows in most crawlspaces are small and may be hard to find. There are window kits that you can purchase to fit your existing crawlspace window opening. Before beginning, check with your building code enforcement to make sure that you choose the right kind of window replacement, as there are new fire safety regulations in place. Follow these steps to replace your crawlspace window.

Step 1 - Remove Your Old Window

Using a chisel, strip away the sealant which surrounds your window. Place 2 pieces of tape in an "X" pattern across the window to prevent it from shattering when you remove it. Pry the trim from the exterior of the window along with any nails which hold the window in place.

If you experience difficulty in removing the window, use a flat bar to gently pry the window at the top corners. Once you have removed your window from the opening, measure your existing window space to determine the size of the replacement kit that you will need.

Step 2 - Purchase and Assemble the Window Replacement Kit

Purchase enough replacement kits for the total number of windows that you will be replacing. To make things go faster, assemble all replacement window kits before installing new windows so that you won't have to stop after each one.

Step 3 - Prepare the Opening for the New Window

Remove all old caulk and glazing material from the opening. Make any repairs that to the frame or structure around the window opening. Ensure that your area is clean and dry before proceeding with the window installation.

Step 4 - Install the Window

Working from the outside of the crawlspace, put your new window into the existing opening. Use a level to ensure that all parts of the window are level and adjust as needed.

Once your window is level, drill the holes that are needed to fasten the hardware. These holes should be 6-inches from each corner of the window frame that will hold the fastener and about 12-inches from the center of the window frame.

Mounting hardware is included with replacement window kits. Use the mounting hardware to attach the replacement frame. Ensure that it is secure. Located in the frame are glazing bead slots. Apply glazing beads to each slot.

After installing the window, nail weather resistant trim to the outside of the window. Treated wood works best for this purpose. You can also put some insulation around the window before nailing the interior trim.

Step 5 - Repeat

Repeat the above steps for each window that you need to replace.