How to Replace Dog Kennel Panels

What You'll Need
Zip ties
Replacement dog kennel panels

Dog kennel panels sometimes can get worn out or loose. The purpose of dog kennel panels is to keep the dog inside the space while providing adequate airflow. Many dog kennel panels are made from chain link fencing which is attached to two horizontal posts. The following article will explain how to replace dog kennel panels.

Step 1 - Remove the Kennel Panel

The wire is twisted through a link in the fence and around the beams. The ends of the metal ties are then twisted together. Use the pliers and grip the top of the twisted wire in the opposite direction of the twist. Continue like this until the metal wire is apart and can be removed. Some panels have one long wire connected at each end and wrapped around the beam and through the chain link.

Step 2 - Replace the Panel

With the wire removed the chain link panel will fall easily. Place the new panel up and hold in place. Wrap a zip tie at each end and the center to secure. Wrap the metal wire through a link and over the post then twist the ends together. Snip off the twist tie.