How to Replace Door Sill Plates

The door sill plates are the protective parts that every door bears at its bottom. It helps protect the door as well as the floor from scratches and tears as doors open and close, depending on how busy a home or an office is. Many a time, the door sill plates get
damaged from wear and tear, and it is important to know how to replace them.

Tools and Materials Needed

• Hammer
• Drill
• Jigsaw
• Pry bar
• Lumber sill blank
• Circular saw
• Penny nails
• Paint
• Treated deck screw
• Painters caulk

Step 1: Prop the Door

A well-propped door allows for a smooth repair job, and it is advisable to keep the door open. After doing this, get a hold of the threshold underneath the door. Remove it by unscrewing it from its position using the screws to expose the sill. Make sure you remove it
properly, as you will need to reinstall it after repairing the sill plate.

Step 2: Open the Sill

Using the pry bar, loosen the nails that hold the sill together. You will do this by placing the pry bar under the sill and pushing it up. A hammer comes in handy now, as you will use it to tap out the sill. When tapping out the sill, ensure that you drive it to the outside. There
are stubborn sills that will remain in place even after all this, and this is where you use the circular saw to cut them out.

Step 3: Take The Sill's Measurements

The new sill that is being used to replace the old one must equal it in length. That is why you have to measure the sill in order to cut out the exact size. Mark the lengths and cut the lumber using the jigsaw, as this gives the best results. For a proper fit, fit the cut out lumber
into the threshold and make the necessary adjustments. Now smooth the sill by sanding it to ensure that it fits well in the doorjamb.

Step 4: Apply Primer

To seal out the moisture, apply primer to the sill’s surface and make sure it is thorough on all sides. With your sill well coated with primer, it is now time to leave it to dry before you embark on the installation process.

Step 5: Install the Sill Plate

Using the rubber mallet, tap the sill into position. Use the penny nails to attach it firmly to the door. It is recommended that you use at least four nails that you will spread over the sill’s width to fasten it.

Step 6: Paint the Sill

Using semi gloss paint, apply two coats to the sill and make sure to follow the instructions on the label. Give the paint time to dry for the best results.


Step 7: Reinstall The Threshold

It is now time to reinstall the threshold that you removed at the beginning of this process. To ensure that it holds firmly, use new screws. It is also advisable to place a new weather-strip beneath the threshold to ensure that the door is secure from external elements which may damage it or cause it to rot.