How to Replace Double Glazed Door Glass Part 1

  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-125
What You'll Need
Protective Gloves
Protective Eye Wear
Putty Knife
Screw Driver

A double glazed door made of glass is usually used for exterior entrances as they are energy efficient and at the same time thick enough to pass insurance security regulations. The double-glazed glass door will have two panes of relatively thicker glass with a space between the two usually filled with inert gas or a vacuum, this makes them good insulators of sound and temperature. Most double-glazed doors will last you about 8 to 10 years. But if due to some accident the glass in your double glazed door breaks or there is condensation between the panels, it's best to just replace the glass panels than to go for replacing the entire door, which can be really costly.

Step 1 – Safety Precautions

Have someone help you out, this way you minimize the chance of accidentally getting hurt as the glass panels are likely to be heavy. Wear your protective gear when dealing with glass shards.

Step 2 – Removing Shattered Glass

If your glass door broke during an accident; then, the first step is to remove any loose shattered pieces of glass. Don’t pull at the glass which is still intact. Collect the smaller shattered pieces using a broom and remove them in order to prevent injury.

Step 3 – Removing the Door from its Hinges

This step is not necessary if you have help at hand. A second person can support the glass while you do the following steps. But if you don’t then it's best to remove the door, and place it on the floor.

Step 4 – Pulling Away the Black Rubber Seal

Around the edge of your glass door there will be a black rubber seal, remove one length of the seal at a time, you can use a screw driver or putty knife to pry it out and then carefully pull it away. Work the sealing away from the frame and not the glass, pull it parallel to the glass.

Step 5 – Prying Out the Chiseled/Glazing Beads

Behind the black rubber seal, you will see glazing beads that hold the glass in place. Push the glass gently backwards; this might loosen the beading a little bit, if that doesn’t work than use the knife to pull it out. Remember just like the rubber seal, exert force towards the frame and not the glass, otherwise the glass might crack, use this tip when reinstalling a new unit as well. Remove the beading from the longer lengths first, this will make it easier to remove the shorter ones; remove the top edge last, while supporting the glass.

Step 6 – Removing the Water Tight Seal

Under the beading there will be a foam tape sealing (presence of this depends on your unit type). You can cut through it using a knife and then remove it.

Step 7 – Removing the Glass and Measuring the Frame for Replacement

Once you have removed all the layers, keep supporting the glass and gently remove it and lay it down on the floor. Measure the frame on the inside and subtract 1/8 from it, to give room for contraction and expansion with changing weather. Take a sample of the glass along with the measurements to the hardware store to order a replacement unit. You cannot make double glazed doors yourself as it requires special equipment.